How to become a better boxer?

To be a good boxer, you need to learn how to defend and not get it. Fancy kicks and hard punches won’t make you a good defender. You need to look at the movements of your head and feet as well. Here are some good tips for becoming a better boxer.

Know how to spar

Don’t start the fight until you are ready. You should practice a lot with the right people at the right gym. Get into a good school and learn from a good coach. You should practice to spar with people of different sizes and abilities. You will get different challenges from different types of people. This will help you to apply different techniques in different situations.

Make your feet faster

You should practice skipping or running to make your feet faster. You need to learn how to move your feet in different rhythms. This is because the fights move a various speeds throughout the match and you need to adjust your feet to it. In order to practice this movement of feet practice running with hill intervals or skipping at different intervals. You can practice fast fee on a high step as well.

Head movement

A better way to not get hit is by moving your head instead of your feet. It is better to miss the hit entirely by moving your head instead of shielding the head or blocking the strike.

Practice holding pads

Holding pads or mitts keeps you sharp. One reason is because that way you can study your opponent and find out where he or she is open. Holding pads let you practice your shields and blocks. By holding pads you can also work on your foot work.

Condition yourself to get hit

You should protect your head at all times. You need to improve your hands’ performances by lifting 3 to 5 pounds of weight.

Boxing is a game that needs focus and energy. You should learn to take a hit. That way, you will get stronger and be able to win more matches.


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