We specialize in selling boxing head gears. We offer a range of different types of boxing head gears. Our head gears are manufactured by the top brands.

Cheek protection head gear

1These are professional head gear with cheek guards. They are manufactured from head leather and have soft foams. The lace tie on the top and leather strap at the back is fully adjustable. This gives the user optimal fit. The chin strap is made of soft leather and has buckle fastening for a good fit.

Full face head gear

2These gears cover the whole face. There is quick drying anti slip fabric inside so that it remains cool. The user feels comfortable wearing the headgear as it gets dried quickly. It is padded with lightweight high quality foam padding for impact protection. The velcro strap closure at the back of the head provides a comfortable and secure fit.

Nose bar protector head gear

3These are made of leather or goat skin. There is a nylon bar that makes the gear lighter and offers full face protection. The gear is made such that one size will fit all; so you don’t need to worry about the size.

AIBA approved competition head gear

4These head gears are designed for contests and are approved by AIBA. Quality is never compromised on this type of head gear.




Our store contains these different types of head gears manufactured by different brands. You should choose the brand according to your budget and need.